Apple, Onkyo, Samsung, and Denon.

Simply Sight & Sound, Inc. is proud to create Home Media Systems that revolve around some of our favorite Brands. Our current systems have featured Samsung 60-65″ 3D- Televisions and surround receivers from Denon and Onkyo along with wireless media sharing from Apple, via the Airport Express and the Apple TV.

With the release of the RTI iPanel, we’ve given our clients a new form of System Control. Having the iPad as the center of the Entertainment System, our clients can stream Panodora, iHeart Radio and other Apple Media (Movies, Music) to their Sound Systems, via the Airport Express and AppleTV. The RTI iPanel allows us to deliver a control system that is easy to use and can control devices while away from the house.

Here are some pictures of recently completed projects featuring Apple, Denon, Onkyo, and Samsung.